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The Woman's Club of Lakeside was Organized in March 1910, LOGO 250x1882goldbdr

Federated: County *1918  State*1920 & Southern District*1958

We are proud of our community service since 1910. Mutual helpfulness, Sociability and Cultivation of Intellectual and Civic pursuit.

2015 President: Lisa Sharp, 619-403-3875, Email

The Woman's Club of Lakeside welcomes and encourages new members to join our group. With the monthly/annual events, community sponsored gathering and fundraisers, we know you will fit into our circle.

For membership information call Barbara Meyer at 619-328-1416 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download membership form.

Current 2015 Board Members

President - (619) 561-3041 - Liz Harris
Vice-President - Lisa Sharp
Secretary - Carmen Holt
Treasurer - Martha Kraling
Directors - Sharon Smith/Marilyn Saunders
Newsletter - Carolyn Bass
Membership - Chair Barbara Meyer
Sunshine Chair - Gaye Pangborn
Telephone Comm.- Marilyn Saunders
Historian - Esther Croteau
Photographer - Liz Harris/Mary Scher
Parliamentarian - Lisa Sharp
Auditor - Cathy Chasting
Inspirational - Charlotte Allman
District Delegate - Barbara Meyer
Alternate District Delegate - Andrea Canfield








Woman's Club of Lakeside

P.O. Box 98, Lakeside, CA 94040

President, Lisa Sharp, 619-403-3875

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