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Over the years the Woman's club of Lakeside has certainly evolved. We are pleased to share this heritage with you through the memorable photos collected over time from the Club members.

 Lakeside Woman's Club 1st Bunco!  Clarabell Cray and Bobbie Pogue
 Chris Herzog hanging art for the Children's Art Show  
 2013 officers  2012 Relay
 2013 Officers  Relay for Life 2012
 Festival of the Arts 2012  Sending a "Thank You" to a soldier
 Little Italy travel meeting 2012  
 Furnishing apartments for Becky's House   Furnishing apartments for Becky's House
 Our 100th Anniversary  

Woman's Club of Lakeside

P.O. Box 98, Lakeside, CA 94040

President, Lisa Sharp, 619-403-3875

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